Himaya natural sunscreen for sports and outdoor living

Are you looking for a premium natural sunscreen that is non whitening and will protect your skin,
whilst not harming the environment. If you are on the ocean, climbing a
mountain, or running an ultra marathon Himaya’s natural sunscreen keeps you
safe from the long-term effects of the sun, whilst protecting the environment.

Himaya has been pioneering mineral sunscreens for sports since 2002. Allowing
you to enjoy your outdoor activity, no matter what elements are involved. Originating
from Ocean and Mountain sports it is water repellent, sweat proof, reef safe, vegan,
and refillable.

Used by Pros, Instructors, Mountain Guides, World & Olympic & XGames Champions since
20 years.


Eco Policy
  • Natural sunscreen

    HIMAYA natural sport sunscreens does not have any chemical filters in it and the natural ingredients are sustainably sources.

  • Reef Friendly

    Himaya has been using Zinc as a filter for over 15 years, and its natural sunscreen has no known impact on the reefs.

  • Refillable

    We have created this refillable system so that it is a circular system. Reuse or refill is better than recycle as no energy is involved and does not create any carbon footprint. We believe this is the best eco solution we could find for sunscreen packaging.

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