Natural Sunscreen Formula


Himaya natural sports sunscreen picture of natural ingredients

From Hawaii to the Himalayas, this all-natural mineral suncream is as gentle on the skin as it is on the environments you step out to enjoy. 

Inspired by functional botanical compounds, considered ingredients combine the benefits of a sensitive formulation with the reliable performance of long lasting, waterproof and broad-spectrum sun protection.

Lightweight, Vegan sunscreen and eco-friendly. Free from parabens, emulsifiers and fragrances.

Tested on athletes, not animals.


100% natural sunscreen. No chemical filters, and only the bare minimum of preservatives for continued performance.



picture of olives which himaya uses in its natural formulapicture of sunflower seeds which himaya uses in its natural formula sunscreen

Himaya uses sustainably sourced bio oils in its sun creams, they are based on a mix of olive and sunflower oils.


Himaya since the start has used mineral filters as the whole concept of Himaya was to make a waterproof sunscreen that would not leave anything in the ocean, so preventing any damage to the ocean. After more than 15 years of making mineral sunscreens, Himaya's Zinc filter will give your skin the ultimate protection for all outdoor activities. Whilst not leaving you white or polluting the oceans or national or mountains. 


picture of Himaya flower from alpine meadows used for moisturisers in the natural sunscreen

 Himaya will also keep your skin moisturised whilst you make you outdoor sports and stress your skin. These moisturisers are also natural and from Sea weed and Alpine flowers. Both are able to withstand the elements that outdoor people love, like the oceans and salt water as well as the high mtns. 


Himaya does not have


Micro plastics



Palm oils

Chemical filters

Nano ingredients