Performance Info

HIMAYA formulas are the products of personal experience and extensive field testing.  We develop and continue to refine our advanced range of performance sunscreens, working closely with a selection of formulation specialists and our team of seasoned sportspeople.

The result is a high-performance skin protection range that meet and exceed not just the strict industry requirements, but more importantly, the tough and changing demands of outdoor sports conditions.


HIMAYA sport sunscreens meet and exceed industry manufacturing standards for water resistance.


This unique feature allows HIMAYA sports sunscreens to rub into the skin when already wet from water or perspiration. It is even possible to apply the cream when under water.


Thousands of hours have been logged in testing the sweatproof performance of HIMAYA sport sunscreens.

Of major importance is that the skin be allowed to sweat freely during exercise. Many sunscreens block the skin’s pores and inhibit sweat, creating a very uncomfortable condition known as prickly heat.

Himaya has focused on this essential feature to ensure that our Sport Sunscreens are totally sweatproof while allowing the skin to sweat naturally through the sunscreen.


The oils within HIMAYA sport sunscreen completely absorb into the skin, leaving your hands grease-free for perfect grip.


Zinc is one of the best BroadBand UV filters currently available, covering the full spectrums of both UVB and UVA radiation. HIMAYA uses high concentrations of quality  Zinc that provides outstanding BroadBand protection and will not leave a white residue on the skin.


The oils used to combine HIMAYA sports sunscreens are completely absorbed by the skin, and so bond the filters to the skin. Due to this strong bond the sun protection lasts for extended periods under all sport conditions, including when sweating and swimming.


No universal method or standard has yet been developed for determining or rating the UVA protection factor of a sunscreen. At present a sunscreen that contains both UVB and UVA filters is said to provide Broad Spectrum or BroadBand Protection.

The SPF rating only indicates the ability of a sunscreen to protect the skin from the effects of the sun's burning radiation; predominantly UVB, and some UVA radiation. For this reason a sunscreen is not required to contain filters that protect from the entire range of UVA radiation. This small amount of UVA protection is, however, sufficient to claim Broad Spectrum Protection.

Using sufficient fortified filters to reinforce full coverage of all of both UVA and UVB radiation has even produced overlap to cover the UVC range, to provide a true BroadBand Spectrum of protection in HIMAYA sport sunscreens.


Sun, wind, cold, and altitude all remove moisture and nutrients from the skin, leaving it distressed and weakened. HIMAYA sports sunscreens include a special combination of moisturisers that even stay active in subzero temperatures and salt water, helping the skin maintain its natural defences against the elements.


Antioxidants are added to HIMAYA sport sunscreens to help neutralise the Free Radicals that cause the more permanent damage to the body's cells from UV overexposure.


Alcohols can remove moisture from the skin and provoke skin irritations.


The HIMAYA sport sunscreens contain vitamins E and C to replace lost nutrients from exposure to the sun, accelerate skin healing and promote skin health.


Perfumes are a major cause of skin irritations.