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  • HIMAYA Natural Sunscreen   SPF 30 200ml -Mineral - Zinc - Reef Safe -Refillable - UVA UVB Himaya
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HIMAYA Natural Sunscreen – SPF 30 200ml -Mineral - Zinc - Reef Safe -Refillable - UVA UVB

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BROAD-SPECTRUM PROTECTION  HIMAYA natural sunscreen spf 50 face contains Non Nano Zinc that blocks up to 98% of harmful UV radiation of the sun. Developed with professional athletes, it delivers enhanced mineral sunscreen protect you form UVA and UVB rays
 FOR THE OUTDOORS – Surf the biggest ocean waves and climb the tallest ice capped mountains as this sports sun cream spf 50 stays on your skin so you can enjoy an active lifestyle. It is tasteless and free from any perfumes making it suitable as a lip balm
 ABSORBS COMPLETELY – Dry-Grip technology the face sunscreen is completely absorbed in the skin leaving it grease free without any white residue. Water resistant spf 50 face moisturiser will not run into your eyes, cause stinging or irritation and does not clog pores
 GENTLE FORMULATION – Made from natural ingredients that are eco-friendly and reef safe, our sunscreen will not harm your skin or the environment. It contains a unique combination of natural spf face moisturizer and antioxidants to keep your skin nourished
 ECOLOGICALLY RESPONSIBLE – We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, are CO2 neutral and strive to have minimal environmental impact with our refillable bottles. For every bottle produced we remove one from the ocean and dispose of it responsible

This is a natural sunscreen that is reef friendly and yet holds in the water and when sweating. It is also the refill bottle for the 30ml bottle, so no need to throwaway the small refillable bottle. 


Contains 200ml Sunscreen

Size 19cm X 4.7cm