HIMAYA has been created to develop performance skincare products that help protect the skin of active people who spend long periods of time in the sun. We are dedicated to producing functional sports sunscreens that withstand all adverse conditions of the sports environment so that the cream remains on the skin to provide the sun protection that it needs.

HIMAYA formulas are the products of personal experience and extensive field testing. We develop and continue to refine our advanced range of performance sunscreens, working closely with a selection of formulation specialists and our team of seasoned sportspeople. The result is a high-performance skin protection range that meet and exceed not just the strict industry requirements, but more importantly, the tough and changing demands of outdoor sports conditions.


  • Well, I’ve been back from Chile for almost two weeks now, and wanted to report in to you on the success of the sunscreen samples you gave me. I distributed samples to my staff and some of my clients, as well as a few of the heli guides down there in Portillo, and everyone agreed that it was fantastic. We had hot, sunny weather for over two weeks, I mean real blazing sun, and I was pretty well protected with one application most days, although some days I put on two because the sun was so powerful. The thick nature of the product rubs in deep and doesn’t run off when you sweat, and it doesn’t coat your beard/ stubble and make it look all white.
    Best regards and thanks for the support!

    Chris Davenport
  • When you?re on the glacier in the summer the Sun is intense! and anyone without sunscreen will get fried. Hiking the pipe all day in summer temps causes a lot of sweat, and having a sunscreen that is sweatproof and waterproof is absolutely essential. We tested HIMAYA this Spring and found it really performed under these intense conditions, and we’re excited to be able to offer our campers something we know is going to provide the protection they need.

    Tim Windell
  • Muchas Gracias! for the HIMAYA goodies you hooked me up with. I’ve been surfing a bunch back here in San Diego, and am happy to report that you have come up with a RAD sunscreen – finally, something that actually works in the salt water! Yeeehoooo!!! Thanks again. I’ll be spreading the HIMAYA love around the beaches and mountains wherever I roam — which these days, is far and wide!

    Nicole Pelletier
  • I have been in Nicaragua and Tavarua this summer, and I think you have the best sunblock! Thanks!
    I was also in Hawaii. I have never used a sunblock so many days in a row and not had to worry about my skin getting oily and breaking out!

    Doug Anderson
    IG Boarding Shop
  • Just wanted to let you know that I just got back from a boat trip in the Mentawai’s; I brought a couple bottles down with me on the trip.
    As the week went on, I was the only one with out a burn.
    Needless to say, everyday the boat was running around looking for the HIMAYA. Some of the best sun block I have used!

    Brian Harris
  • I’ve been meaning to email but time goes by so fast! I wanted to thank you for the samples of the sport sun block. This was the first year that I didn’t get blisters on my back. My family used it all week and they thought it was a great product as well. Thank you very much.

    Kim Loeffler
    Triathlete & Ironman